Thousands of women around the world give help and service to communities in need; they have taken the initiatives by themselves and that make them unique and special.

There are others, that have the same sense but hasn’t started yet; we want to help them realize that they have something to offer, important, appreciated and significant; these women will also help the more vulnerable people in the world, bringing them light, hope and wellness.

The Invisible Woman Project, created by Maria Alejandra Perez Mendoza, aims to recognize these heroines behind every miracle in people lives. They also want to inspire you to be one of those heroines and make this world a better place.

In his first edition (Concrete Space, Doral, May 2018), The Invisible Woman Project was devoted to women photographers who live this invisibility in a certain way. As curator Carol Damian said:

"The artists, from students to career professionals,  know they must fight for attention to become visible. Their subjects, from the figurative to the environmental, may also have been invisible or seemingly insignificant, but they are brought into view through the camera lens. Each artist raises questions about the nature of reality, humanity and individual identity as she captures its significance through the photographic process in remarkable ways."

For next edition (DorCAM, May 2019) we will ask the artists to look around them and find those women who work so hard for their communities and are in the shadows. We want to use the camara lens to highlight the power and drive of these women, to recognize them and to inspire others.
Please join us in this wonderful journey.