What are we?
HelpVenezuelaUS is a platform for coordination and supply of humanitarian aid to the Venezuelan people. Its base of operations is in Miami, United States and, from there, it seeks to serve not only as a generator of supplies, but as a collector of aid of groups or individuals, anywhere in the world, who want to support the Venezuelan humanitarian cause.

HelpVenezuelaUS has a double purpose. On one hand, it seeks to generate focused humanitarian aid for all social strata in any geographic location within Venezuela. And, at the same time, to serve as a communicating vessel and as a temporary recipient of any aid that comes from any part of the world bound to Venezuela.

About us.
We are a group of sensitive and worried Venezuelans, preoccupied by the profound humanitarian crisis that our country is experiencing and we understand that, even when the government changes, it will take a long time to rebuild its social aspect. We belong to different professions and occupations but we agree in some artistic manifestations. We are all immigrants and residents of the United States.

Who do we work with?
We work with structured humanitarian aid organizations inside and outside Venezuela. With non-governmental organizations, with support groups recognized for their experience and developmen, with certified volunteers inside and outside the United States and / or Venezuela. With media, influencers and public figures that can support our objectives of helping by lending their image.

Help us help...