The tribute to Sofia Imber is an initiative of the Arts Connection Foundation to commemorate the contribution of this distinguished Venezuelan woman to the cultural development and projection of Venezuelan art, through her journalistic and institutional work, especially the Sofia Imber Museum of Contemporary Art.

* The approach focuses on five essential aspects of the development and promotion of the arts:
* Presence and influence in the promotion of the arts and ideas of modernity in Venezuela.
* The magazine CAL (innovative experience of experimental integration between the various artistic- literary disciplines, art, design)
* The creation and development of the Sofía Imber Museum of Contemporary Art.
* The collection of the museum and the Sofia Imber collection.
* Development of cultural journalism in Venezuela.

Venues: The celebration of this exhibition-tribute to Sofia Imber has as its framework the “Pinta-Miami Fair” 2018 (From December the 5th to the 9th, 2018 / Mana Wynwood).