Working on new projects gives you the opportunity to learn.

The tribute to Sofia Imber is an initiative of the Arts Connection Foundation to commemorate the contribution of this distinguished Venezuelan woman to the cultural development and projection of Venezuelan art, through her journalistic and institutional work, especially the Sofia Imber Museum of Contemporary Art.

“The Corner of the Venezuelan Writers and their Friends” is a space in the Miami International Book Fair of "Arts Connection Foundation”, “Mel Projects” and “P Carles Image Consulting”, which makes available to independent writers, their participation in one of the most important book fairs on the planet.

HelpVenezuelaUS is a platform for coordination and supply of humanitarian aid to the Venezuelan people. Its base of operations is in Miami, United States and, from there, it seeks to serve not only as a generator of supplies, but as a collector of aid of groups or individuals, anywhere in the world, who want to support the Venezuelan humanitarian cause.

Thousands of women around the world give help and service to communities in need; they have taken the initiatives by themselves and that make them unique and special.