We bring good news.

Colombia receives for the first time the Spanish artist who presents himself with a conceptual work to reflect on the meaning of life.

“Nina Fuentes Day” en Miami-Dade. The celebration in honor of the Venezuelan cultural producer and creator was proclaimed in 2015 when she received the title of “Ambassador of The Arts” of Miami.

When women gather before a fire, strengths are born, magic grows”. Remembering the inspiriting words from the Uruguayan poet Simone Seija, the multimedia artist Nina Dotti moved the purifying fire...

Big Bang represents a creative proposal that makes reference to the cosmic inflation theory developed by Alan Guth (New Brunswick, USA, 1947), Andréi Linde (Moscow, Russia, 1948)...

On Friday, October 6th. at the Connect Now Room, the Bulgarian artist Iliyana Kancheva, winner of the Experimental Electronic Art Award (EX), shall present her work under the Miami New Media Festival 2017.