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*** Performance por Rolando Peña
New York City, 1979 – Miami, 2018
Feria de Arte Contemporáneo Pinta Miami 2018

From December 6th to 9th 2018, in Pinta Art Fair, one of the most importants art fairs in Miami, a special exhibition will be shown to honor the legacy of an outstanding Venezuelan: Sofía Imber.

*** Calendar Listing / Media Advisory ***
Foundation for the Totality
Rolando Peña, New York, 1960-1979
Investigative and curatorial project of “The (Inclusive) Way”

16 al 18 de noviembre.
Por segundo año consecutivo, la Fundación Arts Connection fundada por la artista Andreina (Nina) Fuentes, AKA Nina Dotti y la agencia de publishing y entretenimiento MEL Projects, de la escritora y periodista María Elena Lavaud ...

The Miami New Media Festival 2018 takes place in seven cities Oct 2 to Jan 15, with the intention of exploring different perspectives of the relationship between water, cultural heritage, and climate change, through arts and tech.

From March 15 to May 20 the Venezuelan Nina Dotti is exhibited in the collective “PAS” of the Christopher Paschall sXXI Gallery of Bogota with her character Miss Wynwood and her politically incorrect provocations.