About us

Arts Connection Foundation (ACF) has the purpose of being a platform to promote diverse and unique events that explore fundamental topics facing the contemporary society. We offer an inclusive, collaborative space to provide the community cultural knowledge, cultural awareness, and cultural sensitivity.

Our vision is transforming communities and building citizenship through creativity, cultural practices, and also by bringing art into the urban life.

What we do?

We provide support primarily for the development of new work by South Florida-based artists and researchers. We offer creative educational workshops and extensive outreach programs which include partnerships with other organizations, universities, and social service agencies worldwide, and we also promote art exhibitions and collected.

We are a multi-platform that establishes alternative approaches for the cultural and sustainable human development.

ACF has exhibited, sponsored, and represented local and international artists. Likewise, we have donated important art pieces to local Miami museums, such as Frost Museum, Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden, Miami Beach Botanical Garden, Supported children’s theater, The Playground Theatre in South Florida.

The foundation has also supported the purchase of Latin American Art through the Pinta Museum Acquisitions Program, Miami Symphony Orchestra, Sleepless Night Public Intervention.